How to write an effective, attractive and eye-catching blog post for your reader

Writing a blog post is a very easy task for professional bloggers, but new bloggers find a little difficult because they are not experienced or they have entered in this field lately.

blog post

But as time passes you will enjoy writing blog post and your career as blogging like me.

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Why are you reading this post?

I think somewhere deep inside your mind you believe that you are not a good writer or you want to write an engaging and attractive blog post.

Is It??

I think you are wrong, let me prove it to you now.

Have you ever written essays and letters in your school or college or emails to someone?

Yes, you do. Then you are a writer.

We have been writing tons of content since childhood. What you have done is you have left the practice and now you fear to start.

You fear whether it will be good or bad or I will do some mistakes.

You should change your mindset and have faith in yourself to start taking action now.

How to write a blog post:-

1) Choose a topic: You should be very decisive about choosing a topic.

Who is reading your blog, and what do they care about?

If you are not getting the topic idea then you can search google what people are searching or you can generate a topic idea from your experience.

How you started step by step. For e.g. how to install WordPress, domain name, web hosting, themes, etc.

Teach people about how to were stuck and how to cope with that problem with flying colors.

2) Writing catchy headlines: Headlines should be catchy and engaging to your readers.

Let’s take your example, you are reading this post because the title was attention-grabbing. You decided to read my blog in just a few seconds.

Same is the case with yours, you can write attention-grabbing and appealing headlines.

Note: You should write your headlines after writing the full blog post because you will be able to choose headlines more easily.

You will exactly know what blog post you were writing. So it will become easy to generate ideas for headlines.

3) Write a long blog post: Your blog post should be more than 100 paragraphs and 200+ lines.

If I calculated then more than 2500+ article is good to rank in google first page.

Writing long blog post increase readability and it becomes a high-quality content.

4) Cover a broad topic for your article: Why to cover broad topic because you will have a lot to write about that particular topic.

Generally, in broad topics, your content will become a long blog post, which I mentioned in 3rd point.

For e.g:- Blogging, counseling, cracking competitive exams, self-help group, spiritual, etc.

This all were ideas on how to write a high-quality content. But you have not unlocked the main part that is indispensable to grow and engage your customer.

What I am going to reveal you is Panacea for all bloggers or influencers or say, leaders.

How you will influence and engage your readers to a great extent:

I am revealing you panacea because it is quintessential for bloggers to attract more and more readers who will become paying customers.

1) Write in a friendly tone: This boosts your relationship with readers.

friendly tone

Look at my way of writing. I am always using you, your, etc, as if I am directly talking to you.

As you talk to your friend in the real world, same must be applied here.

Your way of writing blog post defines your success in blogging. If you are poor then you can improve that by practice or by reading as much content as you can. 

Reading will enhance your learning skill and way of writing.

2) The customer is King: I have heard people saying that content is king but what I think is the customer is king.


You cannot force anything on the customer, you have to write or sell according to what your customer needs.

Suppose in travel blog people will need content like how they can travel cheaply, which hotels will be cheaper, etc.

Do a keyword research and know what your customers are craving, provide them with that.

If you write a good blog post but nobody reads, how would you feel?

You feel stressed and depressed that all your hard work is not reaping, same happened to me but not now.

Don’t try to be a salesman, try to solve your customer’s problems.

You should always focus on your customer needs to achieve success in long run.

Try to solve the problem in most simple ways.

3) Write in a positive tone: Never ever use negative tone, use only positive tone.

positive tone

Great influencers in the history never used negative tone. 

If you want to attract more customers and generate leads then use a tone which is exciting, motivating and clamoring your readers to take action right now.

If I were using a negative tone, will you be reading my content?

No, it’s better to change your perspective towards a positive mindset.

Why am I urging to write in a positive tone?

Suppose you had some disease and you went to a doctor,  what does he do?

He said that it is not a big deal, take this medicine and you will be fine in few days or weeks. 

Now having said like this what you believe that you will be fine after few days.

But suppose instead of saying this, he may have said you have a serious disease, it can’t be healed and more like these negative words.

How would you feel?

You enter into a state of mind where fear, apprehension, insecurity, etc would appear in your mind.

You can win people by having a positive thought and motivating thought.

4) Write what comes from the heart: If you write from the heart then originality appears.

If you follow the same approach as other industry players then surely you are gonna left behind.

First set your goals and then try different ways to achieve that goal.

Try to bring as much authenticity in your content because it will build your customers trust and your brand.

What do I do?

I choose a topic, check what other industry players are writing and learn from all.

Having got the idea, Next process is to think deeply about how can I make an awesome blog post different from others.

Earlier what I used to do, look others what they are writing and I do the same.

This method was not taking me anywhere. 

I tried to figure out my problem. I changed my mind, I don’t follow what others are doing and so should you to become a professional writer.

If you want to generate more income and build customer base then you should adopt this method.

How to get better ideas:

How I got an idea of this post?

I was simply resting on my bed and thinking about how I can make my post cool, engaging and attractive?

My subconscious mind started giving ideas. I was procrastinating that I will write later.

But suddenly I jumped out of my bed, took pen and paper and started writing ideas that were flashing in my mind.

If I had delayed then I may lose the game.

You may be thinking how can you generate ideas from the heart?

I have a solution. Just sit calmly or when after waking up from bed in the morning or when your mind is free from clatters.

Just think what you want. It will answer the solution to your problem. As with me.

When ideas start flashing, you should keep pen and paper with you always to jot down your ideas.

Or if you don’t have pen or paper then in today’s digital world we all have mobile phones just write down in your notes or record what your ideas are.


If you do follow these methods then everything is possible. I have 100% faith that you will write a good blog post like me and simultaneously become popular.

These 8 tips will make your content rank higher in SERP and you will feel motivated when you will get more page views and clicks to your link.

These were the tips that I follow on daily basis and so should you to start building your career in blogging.

Do you believe you can also write a good blog post?

Then speak your mind out in comments.


If I missed something, you can comment below to let other bloggers know.

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How do you write your blog post?



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