How to buy domain name and web hosting in 20 minutes for your website.

Have you ever wondered to build your own website? Yes, then you can easily build a website without technical skill in 30 minutes.

You might have feared that you should be an engineering or programming expert to build your website. But now I can say you that it’s not.

I am going to tell you my experience about building my own website. I was never a tech expert but I always wanted to build my own website.

I thought that it was not my cup of tea but somehow after searching google and reading tons of articles and books to build a website and earn money by blogging.

To my surprise what I found was that it’s like a cake walk.

Now I will explain you the process that will flow like water in your mind.

It will motivate, trigger you to follow your passion. To build a website you will have to do two things first

(1) To buy a domain name ( web address like )

(2) Get a web hosting ( space on the internet ).

How to buy a domain name

First, you have to think a unique domain name for your website which people will search for. The domain name should be short and unique and can be easily typed. Don’t worry if you don’t get the exact domain name you wanted because people are not going to remember your website they will enter into search engines like google.

There are many websites to get your domain name to name a few ( GoDaddy, Namecheap, SiteGround, Hostgator and many more).

But I will suggest for beginner blogger to buy it from because it will cost you cheaper and as a beginner, we don’t want to take higher risk.

Now, open, search for your domain name if it is available or not.

Now you should decide your target audience if you are starting for Indians then better use (.in) domain or if you are thinking about worldwide reach then buy (.com) domain.

If these two are available then only buy otherwise don’t because others will not benefit you.

If not available try thinking for another domain name. It will costs you not more than Rs. 500 – 700.

At the checkout, they will offer you various addons but there is no need to buy those just buy a domain name. Now that you have purchased your domain name now it’s time for next step to buy web hosting.

How to buy web hosting

Web hosting is a service that will connect you to the internet. It’s like buying a plot for building your home.

You can buy web hosting from above-mentioned websites but as you are beginner you should opt for for web hosting because as the name suggests you will get a cheaper deal worth $10 ( Rs. 675) approx.

On opening, search for hosting menu and in that shared hosting just buy from there web hosting and you will get positive SSL certificate preventing your websites from hackers.

Now you will be redirected to select the hosting plan as a beginner you should go for a stellar package of one year. Furthermore, they will ask for the domain then select I own from another registrar because you have bought it from GoDaddy, enter your domain name and click on pay.

You will get hosting plan by mail. On their mail, they will send you cpanel link. Now you will ask what is cpanel (in short it’s control panel like the one you have on your laptop/desktop).  On opening, cpanel change your password and security.

NOTE:- For buying a domain name and web hosting you should have either credit card or international debit card enabled for international transactions or you should have a PayPal account.

As you have bought a domain name and web hosting now the next step will be to getting accustomed to cpanel and publishing your website.

Is it a herculean task? I don’t think so.

Then what are you waiting for go get into the online world and pursue your dreams?

In next lesson, we will learn how to use cpanel and publish our website as easily like this.

What’s your next step? Let me know in comments.

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