How to crack SSC CGL in first attempt

Is it possible to crack SSC CGL  in the first attempt is a big question that arises in every genuine candidate. This question gives them enthusiasm and motivation to crack in the first attempt but simultaneously they dive deep into the ocean of thoughts and becomes fearful.

In this must know guide I will give you each and every minute details about SSC exam like exam patterns, routine for smart work, books, test series, previous year cut offs for all post and also about typing and descriptive.

Read till the end to get the roadmap to your dream job.

SSC CGL conducts exams in four tiers i.e Tier 1/ pre, tier 2/ mains, tier 3/ descriptive, tier 4/ computer based test.

Exam Patterns Of SSC  CGL : 

Tier 1:– 200 marks which comprise of four sections viz. Reasoning ( 25 questions – 50 marks – 2 marks each) , Maths ( 25 questions – 50 marks – 2 marks each), Gk ( 25 questions – 50 marks – 2 marks each), English (25 questions – 50 marks – 2 marks each). Time will be 60 minutes. Negative marking is 0.5 marks. Marks in tier 1 define your overall rank. If you are getting 150+ then you can aim for an interview post.

Tier 2: – 400 marks which comprise of two papers viz. Maths ( 100 questions – 200 marks – 2 marks each – negative marking 0.5 ) and English ( 200 questions – 200 marks – 1 marks each – negative marking 0.25). Time duration will be of two hours.

Tier 3: – 100 marks which will be a descriptive exam of essays and letters ( 50 marks each). Time duration will be one hour. No negative marking.

Tier 4:- 15 minutes typing test followed by a computer-based test on Ms. Excel, Ms. Powerpoint. You will be given a hard copy for typing. Speed should be at least 35 words per minute.

Your rank and post will be decided on the total marks you get out 700.

Previous year cut offs:-

Image courtesy: qmaths

As you have become familiar about the SSC Exam pattern and cut-offs. Now it’s time to gear up for a study plan, how to study effectively in order to crack in the first attempt. All you need is a 6 months time fully dedicated to SSC preparation nothing more, develop monomaniacal madness for SSC. Just one thing in your life for 6 months and that should be SSC.

At the end of this guide there is something secret for you, get hooked till the end.

Study plan:-

5 – 5.30 – Fresh

5.30 – 6.30:- Meditation and time for self ( guilt-free time for yourself)

6.30 – 7:- Light breakfast

7 – 9:- Test + Analyze ( 10 minutes break after the test, do something of your hobbies)

9 – 2:- Coaching classes ( to learn shortcuts)

2- 3: lunch + anything you want

3- 6:- Revise what you have learned in class and solve that section question

6- 7:- Break

7 – 9 :- Test + Analyze

9 – 10:- News reading( suggested at night because if you read in the morning your day will be ruined because of unwanted news) and dinner

10- 5:- Sleep

Golden rule: – Take 10 minutes break in the one-hour duration of study because it is a technique of smart and quality study. Our mind can focus only on 50 minutes continuously that’s why our school periods were used to be of not more than 50 minutes.

The mock test is key to success so please take the mock test seriously like exam environment and after taking a test to analyze properly. If stuck in any question then revise class notes. Take as much mock as you can and analyze them thoroughly.

Test series:-  You should take good quality of test series, as per my suggestion you should take the mock test from ssctube, qmaths, toprankers. Their test is of good quality and of a good level. If you are able to perform well in their mocks then your selection will be guaranteed. They give you a comprehensive assessment of your test. You get all India rank, topper comparison, time spent on each question and many more features. 

Books:-  For tier 1 and 2


  • Kiran chapterwise ( this book is a must for a beginner because it is the first step and you will get all the questions asked in previous years).

         Click the link to buy English version:-  Click Here

         Click the link to buy Hindi version:- Click here 


  • Rakesh Yadav 7300+  chapterwise previous year questions

          Click the link to buy English version:- Click Here

          Click the link to buy Hindi version:- Click Here

  • Quantum cat by sarvesh kumar verma

          Click the link to buy:- Click Here

  • Play with advanced math by abhinay sharma 

         Click here to buy English version:- Click Here

         Click here to buy Hindi version- Click Here


  • Kiran previous year is sufficient because reasoning is an easy section.

         Click here to buy English version:- Click Here

         Click the link to buy Hindi version:-  Click Here

General Knowledge:- This section can be done through mock tests because you will remember the options.

  • Lucent general knowledge

        Click here to buy English version:- Click Here

        Click here to buy Hindi version:- Click Here

  • class notes 


  • English by Neetu Singh

Click here to buy volume 1:- Click Here

Click here to buy volume 2:- Click Here

  • Objective General English by SP Bakshi

Click here to buy:- Click Here

  • Kiran previous years

       Click here to buy:- Click Here

  • Mirror of common error by Arun Sharma

        Click here to buy:- Click Here

You can also watch youtube videos of Abhinay Sharma and Rakesh yadav, if you get stuck on any chapters.

Newspaper :- The Hindu or Times of India or Indian Express. The pdf of newspaper can be downloaded from or or you can install jio epaper.

Preparation for descriptive :–  As suggested read the english newspaper on daily basis and after taking tier 2 start preparing for descriptive. You should take on A-4 size page, ruler and blackpen to draw boxes on A-4 size white page after that go to xerox shop and take a printout as much as you want to practice like an environment like an exam. Always use a black pen and write one word on one box and for changing paragraphs leave one box because ssc doesn’t provide you with enough boxes. Practice government initiatives and social issues  for essays. You should either purchase or if available download pdf of arihant 151 essay, neetu singh volume 1,2,3, paramount descriptive book. These books i am suggesting you only for referral and learning the way of writing. Please don’t copy paste the words from that develop your own writing skills. Letters asked will be of either formal or informal, so practice both. Essay word limit will be 250 words and a letter will be 150 words.

Click here to buy Arihant 151 essay:- Click Here

Click here to buy Paramount Descriptive:- Click Here

Typing:- SSC asks your typing speed to be 35 words per minute for LDC post and 50 words per minute for DEO post in 10 minutes but in CGL you get bit relaxed because you will get 15 minutes and they ask for speed of 35 words per minute which you can easily qualify with two months typing. Download an online software Typing Tutor and practice from it. After that practice from hard copy (which  you will get in the exam) in Notepad. To increase speed type word for word.

Skill Test:-  Anyone can easily learn Ms. Excel and Powerpoint from youtube or google. SSC doesn’t ask you tough question they just ask you simple ones how to edit a cell and add cells, etc. No big deal.

After the final result, you  will have to wait for 6 months for final posting. In this time difference ssc send your dossier to your allotted department. They will ask you for state preference and medical examinations and document verification.

Qualifying SSC is not a herculean task. Just you have to practice, practice and practice. Focus on your Achilles heel and work on it, don’t set big goals to accomplish try setting small goals for each day like completing one chapter today. Don’t procrastinate about things, do it now. If you procrastinate then you are not going to get your dream job. By following this routine many have achieved their goals. Don’t forget to do meditation. In this routine, i have suggested to you many things just follow as I have suggested, after 6 months you will be the best version of yourself. By following the above mentioned routine you will get clarity, peace, focused mind, healthy diet and most important your dream job.

Try setting small goals like completing one chapter in one day, not bigger goals like I will complete the whole book in one month. This way you are not going to achieve anything. You should try completing one exercise in one hour. Compete with yourself not with others. You should always try to achieve a little more than your targeted goal. 

For e.g. Suppose you finished one chapter in 4 hours then next time you should try to complete one chapter in less than four hour. This way you defeated yourself and your productivity will increase by practising this method.

Over to you

Don’t sit idle thinking, get ready to fight now. There is no time as today, tomorrow, yesterday, the perfect time is NOW. 

Is qualifying SSC tough now? Are you aspiring for your dream job? Are you ready for accelerating up now?

What will be your next 30 days plan?

Let me know in the comments your answer or any doubt you want to ask.

You are the best!

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