Tested strategies on how to prepare for SSC descriptive exams

Is writing essay, letter and precise screws your brain? Do you feel like dumbfounded when you think about scoring well in your descriptive exam?

Which book you should refer for preparing this section?  What to write and how to write?

How will I get ideas for particular topic?  What should be the format of the letter?

How to write a good precise?

Which mode should I prefer either English or Hindi?

As aspirants like you have many more questions like these which causes apprehensions to you.

Now it’s time for you to let go of your tension about descriptive section and say Cheers! Because in this post I am going to share you my strategy which I suggested earlier to many friends who were in my connections and they nailed this exam with flying colours. A thought came into my mind when my strategy worked on my friends and me then why should I not share with my other friends like you to solve your all your queries to get you decent marks and infact your dream job

This irritates not only you, but also majority of aspirants like you struggling to secure decent marks. Why?

This is not the new thing you are asked in exam, you are accustomed to this since childhood. Why you are facing problem with composition is because you are not practising it on regular basis. You and I used to write this only in our school and college exams once a year or twice a year. We were not giving much value to composition and many of you may not have the habit of reading, which plays a significant role in descriptive writing.

As said by intellectuals that “ If you want to be successful then develop the habit of reading as fast as you can.” Bill Gates on an average reads atleast 50 books a year.

Pattern of SSC Descriptive exam are:-

  • It is an offline mode exam ( i.e. pen and paper mode).
  • It consists of 100 marks ( 50 marks essay and letter/precise carry 50 marks).
  • Minimum of 33 marks is required to pass this exam but 33 marks will take you nowhere unless you score 75+.
  • Duration of paper will be one hour.
  • Word limit for essay will be 250-300 words and letter will be of 150-200 words.
  • The marks of this exam will be included in preparing your final list, which becomes deciding factor for someone like you.
  • You will get option of bilingual either English or hindi, in which you are very much comfortable you should write in that language.


Instructions to be given very much importance:-

  1. Don’t mix up hindi and English. You should not write essay in English or letter in hindi or vice versa, otherwise, your copy will not be evaluated.
  2. Mention the mode of writing exam in front of your answer sheet , exam roll number and read the instructions carefully, because SSC checks every minor mistakes to disqualify you.
  3. You content should be neat and clean no cutting should be there.
  4. You should not write your name, roll number, sign or any type of indications; if you write then you are 100% disqualified. You result will not come reason given by ssc will be use of unfair means.

You should carefully read this article because I am explaining each major and minor mistakes you should avoid to secure good marks.

This above mistakes are done by many aspirants like you and your dream of getting select this year gets crushed. Now you have to start once more from scratch and most importantly your time will be lost. Because you only focused on cracking this exam this year and on nothing else. Your silly mistakes will cost you much.

Fools learn from his own mistakes; wise learn from others. Which category you are? I think the latter one.


Books to refer:

  1. 151 essays by arihant publication
  2. Paramount descriptive book
  3. Kd campus all the three volumes by neetu singh
  4. Partiyogita Darpan magazine
  5. Arihant yearbook
  6. Nibandh Manjusha Tata McGraw Hills

Either you can download pdf version if available or buy it from market/ amazon.


14 Simple ways to secure good marks in descriptive:

  • Read newspapers, books mentioned above daily. From this you will get the idea of writing a good content and learn good vocabulary.
  • You should read English newspapers like The Hindu, Indian express from this links : com, shashidthakur23.wordpress.com; these websites provide you with free pdf of newspaper easily. Reading newspaper will increase your vocabulary and when you learn new words try to apply in your writing. This will make you essay/letter unique.
  • Don’t use complex words because the evaluator has lot of copies to check and he will not open dictionary every time to search your tough words. Use simple words and clearly explain your idea.
  • You should first attempt essay as it needs lot of thinking; you should complete it in 30 minutes time.
  • Letter should be completed after essay in 20 minutes as it is not very tough. Rest 10 minutes , revise the answer.
  • Before writing anything, jot down points that comes to your mind in the rough sheet or any paper then arrange them; so that you cannot miss any of the points while writing.
  • You should learn grammar rules in order to avoid grammatical errors.
  • Your handwriting should be legible, otherwise it will irritate the evaluator, in return he will provide poor marks or fail you.
  • Learn some famous proverbs from Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare, Socrates, Benjamin Franklin and many more. Proverbs will help your readers to be hooked to your content. If you are not remembering exact proverb then write wise people said “ your proverb”; or if you remember the exact proverb and person who said then use that.
  • You should practice as much as you can. Read from books or any other source and now try to write by your own; if got stuck then use the book.
  • Each essay and letter should be practiced 3-4 times, by this method you will learn the important dates and will improve your quality of writing.
  • 10 days before exam select some good topics which your intuition advises you to practice then you should practice without looking at your previously written essays/letters. Practice like exam environment to tap your progress, set timer of 60 minutes. If stuck in any, then revise thoroughly and evaluate it by our friends or any English teacher.
  • Take A-4 size white paper, scale and black ball pen; to make boxes as given your exam hall. Go to Xerox shop and take printout of it as much as you can, in order to practice like exam environment. If you are practising in this format you are doing a big mistake. Many get confused in exams about how to write in box format. It is wise to be prepared.
  • For changing paragraph in your essay/letter leave one box.

Distribution of marks:

ssc descriptive exam


Writing a good essay:

An essay consists of three parts : Introduction, Body and Conclusion. An essay is all about person’s own imagination and his/her views. Maintain the flow, don’t mix up points; if anything left should not be included otherwise it will break the flow. If exact dates is not in your mind then round it off.

Introduction:  It must be catchy with some proverb, add some question for the reader. Don’t suddenly start the topic  in the introduction make it flow like water in their brain, this will develop by reading as much articles and essays you can. Observe each and every way a writer writes his content. Introduction should be like it should attract readers attention and excites him to read the full content.

Body :  It should be divided into 4-5 small parts each part should highlight different aspects. Body is totally about your knowledge of the topic. If you don’t know how to  write body , then you can start writing its social, economical, political, historical, geographical aspects or you can simply write strength, weakness, opportunity and threats of that subject.

Conclusion :  It should also be catchy otherwise the readers expectation of getting something exciting at the end will make your essay look poor. At last you should give government and its opposition opinions. Atleast give your own opinion. Don’t become violent just criticise in a good way.


Important topics for essay:

  • Demonetisation
  • Make in India
  • GST
  • Common Wealth Games
  • Skill India
  • Poverty
  • One Rank, One Pension
  • Kashmir Issue
  • Surgical Strike
  • Smart City
  • Women Empowerment
  • Natural Disaster
  • Black money
  • Child labour
  • Ujjwala Yojana
  • Fasal Bima Yojana
  • Jan Dhan Yojana
  • Startup India/ Standup India
  • Cashless Economy
  • Naxalism
  • Unemployment
  • Yoga Day
  • Mid day meal
  • China Potential threat to India
  • Role of media
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Climate Change
  • Seventh Pay commission
  • Terrorism

You should practice these essays nicely within these 2 months time.

Letter Writing Tips : SSC asks two types of letter i.e. either formal or informal letter. Format of both the letters are different. Format of letter should be left aligned.

Formal letter is written to government agencies or company official’s or editor of newspaper or principal of college. The tone of such letter should be formal and not sound too personal and intimate. In should be concise, with statement of relevant facts and be to the point.

Layout of formal letter:

Sender’s address
Date : 12th july, 2016
Receiver’s address
Subject – Not more than 10 words
Salutation ( Dear sir/Maam, )
Body ( in two or three paragraphs)——————————————————————————————-
Thanking you.
Subscription  ( name given in question / if not given xyz)


Informal Letter is written to relatives, friends or acquaintances, father, mother,etc. The tone of letter should be personal, natural, friendly and informal tone. Subject of such letters could be exchanging views, invitation, congratulations, sympathy, etc.

Sender’ address
Salutation ( Dear friend/brother name, )
                                                           Intro ————————————————————–
Body ———————————————————————————————
With best wishes.
Subscription ( name given in question / if not given xyz)


Excepted letters :

  • Write a letter to your friend about nature and its protection.
  • Write a letter on demonetisation.
  • Write a letter on skill
  • Write a letter to editor on bad conditions of roads and drains.
  • Write a letter to your brother about your recent visit to some place.
  • Write a letter in response on teacher advertisement.
  • Letter to your father about your selection in job.
  • Write a letter to your friend about how to file GST.
  • Write a letter to sport secretary on how to get more medals in sports.
  • Views about women empowerment.
  • Write a letter to editor about publishing fake news and ways to improve this.
  • Write a letter to your department about postponing date of joining.

You can practice these letters and more of these types to excel with flying colours in ssc descriptive exam.

Writing a good precise: As the word suggest precise means to make something short. You will be given a long passage of 150- 200 words; read the passage carefully and try to grasp the idea of the passage. By reading the passage, note down the most frequent word used in that particular passage and that will be your heading of precise. Precise should be written in either 60- 100 words in your own language not in the language of the passage and it should convey the meaning given in the passage.

Don’t include any idiom or phrase in it. Avoid questions and quotations. Always use indirect speech as you are conveying passage message to another person. Leave one box to change paragraph.


As I have explained you the whole process of descriptive; follow these sincerely to achieve good marks.  As there is not much time left, start your preparation today  NOW.

Read , read and read and practice as much as you can.

Success is the sum of great efforts repeated day in and day out.

My first priority is to help people like you and only you. If you get results then I will be more happy than you.

Now what are you waiting for? What will be your next step?

Is exceling descriptive tough nut to crack? A biiigggg NO. A problem is a problem until we find solution. Be a warrior.

Is there any queries left then you can comment down in the comment section below or signup to my newsletter for receiving quick tips and tricks to get your dream job. You can also follow me on my page www.facebook.com/uthegaindia .

Share this article to as many as you can so that this is not limited to few people, everyone should learn how to write a good essay, letter and precise.

If you are a newbie in this field then you can learn /blog/how-to-crack-ssc-cgl-in-first-attempt/ .

Do you want me to provide essays and letter on above topics, let me know in comments.

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