Guide for installing best WordPress theme and customizing your website

After installing WordPress and changing some settings as per your need, now it’s time to explore your WordPress dashboard and installing themes. Themes are the most important part of any website to attract and engage customers.

Many new bloggers become dumbfounded how to install, change, edit best WordPress themes. They feel extremely hard to select best themes. 

In this blog, You know how to install themes, changing the default theme, and editing your themes as per your need.

You will also learn how you can customize your website appearance to look like a professional one.

How to install a theme

You can select a theme of two types either paid ones or free ones. But WordPress offers a wide range of free themes which you can download from there theme sections.

I was also puzzled like you on which theme to select that will make my website look better. I previewed and tried many themes but I was not getting what I wanted, searched a lot on the internet about best themes, but of no use.

Luckily I founded a theme named Dara which was simple and cool looking with the features I wanted in my website.

You can also be in dilemma like me which themes to choose for your website then here is the solution.

I have personally selected some themes that I think will be helpful to you. Lists are given below:

  1.  Ample
  2. Dara
  3. Business Point
  4. Zilllah
  5. Encrypted Lite
  6. Simplelin
  7. Corporate Blue
  8. Perfect Blog
  9. Business Consultr
  10. Elegant Writing

Many bloggers are there who are using paid themes for their website because paid themes provide great features which free can’t provide, if you also want to invest in paid themes then you can buy from Theme Forest.

If you want to install a theme quickly on your website then here are the steps:

My Sites > Network Admin > Themes.

As you land on themes page there will be some default theme of WordPress like twenty sixteen, twenty seventeen, etc. What you have to do now is to click on Add New.

On this page, you will get several options like popular, featured, latest and filter option.

You can click on any theme details and preview. It will show you how that theme will appear. If it catches your eye and mental design of your creating your website then without any delay install that particular theme.

Comeback to installed theme section, from there you can click on network active, it will be activated on your network, and your website will appear as per the theme.

This guide is for those who want to launch their website without any delay.

Read till the end to know more about how you can make your website live on the internet.

How to customize your installed theme

It is good to know that you have done the first part. After customizing you will feel the immense happiness that you have nailed it.

Click on Network Admin> Visit your site.

There on the top, you will see customize option. Click on it.

You will be landed on a new page where you can customize your whole website.

Please click on the video below to learn customization process.



These were the steps to customize your website. Now you are ready to post content you would like to publish on your website.

The customizing of the website was an easy task. By reading this blog I think you may have done the process quickly.

Do you think I missed something? You can comment below what you know or what you are using on your website to let other bloggers know about it.

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